Access Facility

Ah, there you are. Are you ready? Come, sit. Hmmm, oh this? It’s just a little shot. Why is it lime green? Hahaha. Well that’s a trade secret. Don’t worry. This is all part of the process. Yes, today we’ll see what your Core magic will be. We will see your true self. 

It’s time for your Core Awakening


(Here at the access facility we roll to see what your Core Awakening results will be and post them here.
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Access Facility Files

Final results: 

Name: Abbatoth

Core Level: Red

Ability: Spirit Transference

Description: Able to send his spirit into another body and see from another person’s eyes. When in spirit transference, can strengthen the person’s body and abilities. If his will is stronger than the person or the person allows, he can temporarily control the other person’s body and magic. Spirit Transference can be used on people and animals, but lasts for 30 minutes, before subject must return to his body. 

Notes: Added to watchlist. Possible recruitment after observation.