Book News!

While I’m releasing Illusion/Core I decided to remaster one of my previously published books. So on top of the regular Thursday update of Illusion/Core, there will be weekly updates of my already finished book, Burnt Children. Burnt Children is a high fantasy book. Here’s a blurb:


In Meli, if you’re born with the wrong magic the Purifiers rip it out, labeling you a Burnt Child. Elaria is one of those Burnt Children.

But Elaria has a secret. She can see magic. This rare ability draws Elaria to a strange locket that holds a dangerous mystery. Befriended by a murderer, and haunted by the ghost of the very woman who doomed the Burnt Children, Eliria is thrust on an adventure to find a place she can belong. The only problem is the Purifiers will do anything to stop her and the secrets that she holds.


Since Burnt Children is already completed and is just going through minor edits, it will not affect I/C releases. I hope you’ll enjoy it. ^^

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