Update Party!

-gaspu- It’s not Tuesday or Thursday, but there’s an update.  Yes, that’s right. -pops collar- I’m doing an update party. From Mon-Fri I’ll be posting an update, if I’m able I might even post two a day. hahaha Dream big or go home.  Next week I’ll be going back to our regularly scheduled program of Tue and Thurs updates, but for this week only the sky is the limit. 

Now, there is one tiny, itty bitty favor I want to ask. Please rate or review Illusion/Core on Royal Road – https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/24348/illusioncore

Rating Illusion/Core, especially if lots of people rate it, will help it get on trending. I would really love to hit that list so more people can see my story. So please, if you can, drop me a rating I would deeply apreciate it. *coughsfivestarsarethebestcough*

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